Equine Dental Information


Learning more about equine dental care is important, with such concerns as how horse teeth are unique, preventive dental care for horses, and who should be caring for your horse's teeth. Dr. David Warren is committed to supporting horse owners in becoming informed consumers. Learning more helps you to better choose your horse care services, treatments, and providers.

Learn Something New About Equine Dental Care

Dr. Warren is a veterinarian with advanced training and years of experience in caring for your horse’s teeth. He understands how important it is to have access to accurate and complete information regarding veterinary issues and concerns. Here he provides access to educational articles, resources, and case studies to help you understand your athlete, working horse, competitive equine, or pleasure companion.

Case studies—Track real equine dental cases from initial diagnosis through dental intervention, and discover the outcome of these special animals

Links—Browse our selection of resources designed to interest every type of horse owner

In addition, Dr. Warren outlines his plan for preventing dental disorders in horses.

The Texas Veterinary Medical Association offers this helpful article about choosing the right person to care for your horse’s teeth.