Dr. David Warren Offers Mobile Dental Care for Texas Horses


Modern horses may live well into their 20's and 30's, or longer. While the horse's mouth is designed for maximum efficiency, over the years this chewing machine is subject to traumatic injuries, congenital abnormalities, damaging behaviors, and abnormal wear. Dr. Warren's focus is on prolonging this chewing equipment for the life of your horse, allowing for adequate nutrition, long-term comfort, and optimum performance.

Dental Care for Horses

Dental care begins with your newborn foal. A brief visual and digital examination will determine the condition of your foal's bite. Identifying an abnormal bite early will minimize the impact that defects may have on the quality of your horse's life.

From yearling to adult horse, Dr. Warren recommends annual dental exams for healthy horses. In addition, dentistry is especially important for your 2- to 5-year-old horses in training.

When your equine reaches the senior years, twice annual exams help your horse maintain a healthy weight and optimum nutritional balance.

A reasonably clean, quiet location for this exam is preferred. Dr. Warren gives your horse a mild sedative designed to enhance relaxation and help prevent stress and injuries. His gentle, effective approach is designed to promote long-term dental health for every horse, without disease and with fewer interventions such as extraction.


Offering only the safest techniques for performing dental exams and procedures, your horse is never tied up or restrained in a stanchion. The doctor takes pride in the skilled use of both modern dental equipment and traditional hand tools, meeting the needs of every horse with a safe and compassionate approach. Read more about the safety of these unique equine dental procedures.

Support for Horse Owners

Dr. Warren is committed to supporting horse owners in their efforts to make informed decisions about their equine dental care. As a trained veterinarian, he understands the positive, long-term health impact provided by simple routine care.

Learn about some of the most common equine dental problems and techniques for preventing dental disorders in all types of horses, with basic protocols for prevention.

Additional Information

The American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) offers a number of dental health articles for horse owners. Equine Dental Care: What Every Horse Owner Should Know outlines the anatomy and function of the horse's teeth and mouth, explaining why dental care is important to every horse.